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All the websites of the Asian Leadership Conference (ALC) hosted by the Chosun Ilbo comply with the provisions on privacy protection in relevant laws that information and communication service providers are subjected to, including the Protection of Communications Secrets Act and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, and we do our utmost to protect the rights of our users by implementing our privacy policy in accordance with the relevant laws.

1. What and How We Collect
1) Personal information collected
① When you sign up for a membership, the ALC collects the following information to process registrations for events, respond to inquiries efficiently, and provide a range of services:
<Signing up for regular membership>
- Required information: name (Korean/English), affiliation (Korean/English), title (Korean/English), ID (email address), password, nationality, and contact details (landline and mobile phone numbers)
- Optional information: dietary requirements (vegetarian, Jewish, halal, etc.)

② The following information may be created and collected automatically during the process of using our services:
- IP addresses, service use history, and misuse history

③ The following payment information may be collected during the process of online payments:
- Credit card payments: name of credit card company, card number, and expiry date
- Mobile phone payments: mobile phone number and carrier
- Wire transfers: bank name and account number
- Cash receipt issuance: mobile phone number and information on cash receipt card
2) How we collect personal information
We collect personal information through the means listed below.
- Websites, paper forms, fax, telephone, and email
- Automatic generation of cookie values
- Input from partner companies

2. Why We Collect
The ALC uses information collected for the following purposes. No information provided by users is used for purposes other than the ones specified below, and we will seek your consent in advance when there is a change to these purposes.

1) To fulfill contractual obligations in connection with the ALC and process payments for services provided
① Manage registration applications and deal with operational matters
② Provide content, buy tickets and make payments, send event kits, bills, etc., authenticate user identities and provide services in financial transactions, and collect overdue payments
2) To manage membership
Provide membership services, conduct identification, place restrictions on members who have violated our terms and conditions, impose sanctions for the misuse of services and activities that cause disruption to the seamless delivery of services, confirm the intention to sign up, check for minors, retain records for dispute settlements, address complaints, send notifications, check participation history, and cancel memberships
3) Photos and videos of participants may be used to promote the ALC.

3. How Long We Retain and Use Information
The ALC immediately destroys personal information when the user requests the cancellation of their membership or withdraws their consent for the collection and use of their personal information, when the purpose of information collection and use has been achieved, or when the term of retention and use has expired. However, the following information is retained for the reasons and periods specified below.

1) Retention in accordance with internal policy
Information retained: misuse records
Reason: prevention of misuse
Retention period: more than six months

2) Retention in accordance with relevant laws
The ALC retains user information for different periods as stipulated by relevant laws, such as the Commercial Act and the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce (ACPEC). In this case, the ALC uses such information for intended purposes only and the retention periods are as follows:
① Records on marks and advertisements: six months (ACPEC)
② Records on contracts or cancellation of subscriptions, etc.: five years (ACPEC)
③ Records on payments and provision of goods, etc.: five years (ACPEC)
④ Records on consumer complaints or dispute handling: three years (ACPEC)
⑤ Records on website visits: three months (the Protection of Communications Secrets Act)

3) Expiration of personal information retention
If a member does not use the ALC’s websites by logging in, etc., for a certain period of time, the ALC notifies the member in advance and retains their personal information separately for one year before destroying it in accordance with the ALC’s information retention policy.
- The retention period in this case is one year, but this may be changed if the member specifically requests a specific duration of retention.
- Personal information is retained for a fixed period of time if this is stipulated in relevant laws.

4. How We Destroy Personal Information
In principle, the personal information of users is destroyed immediately once the intended purposes of collecting and using such information have been achieved. The procedure and method of such destruction are as follows:

1) Destruction procedure
- Information entered by the user when signing up for membership, etc., is transferred to a separate database (a separate document container if such information is in paper form) once the intended purposes have been achieved. In accordance with both privacy protection obligations specified in our internal policy and relevant laws (refer to Section 3, “How Long We Retain and Use Information”), such information is retained for a certain period of time before being destroyed.
- Information transferred to a separate database is not used for any other purposes except for purposes in accordance with relevant laws.

2) Destruction method
- Personal information stored in electronic files is destroyed permanently by using a technical method that makes it impossible to restore such information.
- Personal information stored in records, printouts, documents, or other recorded media is destroyed through shredding or burning.

5. When We Provide Personal Information
The ALC uses the personal information of users within the bounds specified in Section 2, “Why We Collect.” It neither uses this information outside such bounds without the prior consent of users nor discloses it to a third party in principle. However, the following exceptions apply:
- If the user agrees to the disclosure of such information in advance
- If such a disclosure is in accordance with relevant laws or is requested by authorities for investigative purposes in accordance with procedures and methods stipulated in relevant laws
- If the user or their legal agent is unable to express their intent or it is impossible to obtain prior consent due to the lack of an accurate address, etc., and such a disclosure is deemed clearly necessary to protect the life, body, or assets of the user or a third party
- If such information is provided in a way that makes it impossible to identify individuals for purposes such as creating statistics, conducting research, etc.

6. Who We Hire for Processing Personal Information
The ALC hires third parties that process personal information to improve our services and has a policy in place to ensure that such information entrusted with third parties is managed safely in accordance with relevant laws.
The third parties we hire and what they do with such information are as follows:
1) Online services

Third parties What they do Retention period

KG Inicis

Process credit card payments

Until membership cancellation or the end of contract with third parties

Shinhan Bank

Process payments


Develop websites, develop and operate online registration programs


Send LMSes and issue name tags


Send mass emails

Chosun Media

Send emails

Chris & Partners

Collect names (Korean/English), affiliations (Korean/English), titles (Korean/English), IDs (email addresses), passwords, nationalities, and contact details (landline and mobile phone numbers)

* When third parties are replaced, a disclosure about newly hired parties will be made on our notice or privacy policy page.

7. How You Exercise Your Rights
- You can view or modify any of your personal information that is registered on our websites at any time. You can also choose not to consent to the use of your personal information or request the cancellation of your membership. In this case, you may not be able to use part or all of our services.
- You can view or modify your personal information through the menu named “Modify personal information (or Modify membership information)” and cancel or change your membership (withdraw your consent) after having your identity verified through an email or phone call.
- You can write, call, or email those ALC staff responsible for managing personal information, who will then process your request immediately after verifying your identity.
- If you request any correction of your personal information, the information in question will not be used or provided until the correction is completed. If any inaccurate personal information is already provided to third parties, the results of the correction are sent to them immediately.
- The ALC processes any personal information that is cancelled or deleted upon the user’s request in accordance with Section 3, “How Long We Retain and Use Information,” and ensures that such information is viewed or used for intended purposes only.
- After registration, users must pay the registration fee to become registered and participate in the event.

8. How You Can Refuse the Automatic Collection of Your Personal Information
The ALC uses cookies that store and retrieve information about website usage to provide users with personalized services. Cookies refer to small pieces of information that the web server sends to the browser on the user’s computer that can be stored on the hard drive of the user’s PC.

1) The purpose of using cookies
Cookies are used to offer customized information to users by identifying services and websites visited by users, usage patterns, popular search words, the presence or absence of a secure socket layer, etc.
2) The installation, management, and refusal of cookies
You can refuse the storage of cookies by changing the settings in the Tools menu: Tools > Internet Options > Privacy.
3) Refusing the storage of cookies may make it difficult to use personalized services.

9. What Technologies and Policies Are in Place for Privacy Protection
The ALC has the following technological and operational arrangements in place to ensure your personal information is safe with us by preventing loss, theft, leakage, alteration, and damage.

1) Encryption
Your personal information is protected with a password, and additional security measures are in place for important data such as file locking and the encryption of files and data.

2) Technological responses to hack attacks, etc.
The ALC prevents the leakage of and damage to your personal information due to hack attacks and computer viruses by having our system placed in a restricted area with devices that detect and prevent intrusion.
We also update the vaccine program regularly to ensure that the latest updates are leveraged to guard against new viruses for increased privacy protection.

3) Limiting access to the privacy protection system
The ALC has a policy on granting, changing, and cancelling access to the database system that is securely configured to process personal information. It also has rules on how and when to change passwords and takes other measures to control access to personal information.

4) Training staff responsible for privacy protection
We have a minimum quota for staff that are responsible for privacy protection and train them regularly on new security technologies and privacy protection obligations. They are granted a separate password to control access as part of our operational efforts to protect users’ privacy.

5) Personal IDs and passwords
In principle, IDs and passwords may be used by those users to whom they have been issued. The Chosun Ilbo is not responsible for issues that stem from the leakage of personal information such as IDs and passwords due to user error or from the inherent risks involved in using the Internet.

10. How You Can Contact Our Staff for Privacy Protection
The ALC has the staff members listed below in place to protect users’ personal information and handle complaints regarding privacy protection. Users can file a complaint with these staff members on any privacy protection issues that may arise during the process of using our services. The Chosun Ilbo ensures that complaints made by users are fully addressed in a prompt manner.

1) Privacy protection staff

Supervisor Staff

Name: Geum Won-seop
Phone: 02-724-5264
Email: alc_reg@chosun.com

Affiliation: Planning Department, Chosun Ilbo
Position: deputy general manager

Name: Sung Yu-jin
Phone: 02-724-5264
Email: alc_reg@chosun.com

Affiliation: Planning Department, Chosun Ilbo
Position: reporter

For other reporting or counselling on the violation of privacy, please contact the following organizations:
- Privacy Protection Center (privacy.kisa.or.kr / Call 118)
- Cyber Crime Investigation Team of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office (www.spo.go.kr / 02-3480-3571)
- Cyber Bureau of the National Police Agency (http://cyberbureau.police.go.kr/index.do / Call 182)

11. When We Notify You
Any addition, deletion, or modification of provisions in this privacy policy will be posted on the Notice menu on our website at least seven days before such an amendment.
- Released on March 25, 2019
- Effective from April 1, 2019


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