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  • Day 1 : 14 May (Tuesday)
  • DAY 2 : 15 May (Wednesday)

- Meeting Room 1 (Dynasty) : ALC Initiative

09:00~09:30 Opening Ceremony
09:30~10:30 Conversation with a Leader: Paul Ryan
10:40~11:50 Moment of Truth: The Role of Leadership Toward Prosperity and Peace
11:50~13:30 Keynote Speech & Luncheon: Nikki Haley
13:30~14:30 ALC Special Dialogue on Unification: Lessons from Germany
14:40~15:00 Winning in a Time of Many Challenges
15:00~16:00 Meet the Nobel Laureate: Paul Romer
16:20~16:50 Energy Policy and Democracy
17:00~18:00 Innovative Nation, Israel
19:00~ Keynote Speech & Dinner: Goh Chok Tong

- Meeting Room 2 (Ruby) : Collaboration for Regional Peace and Security

13:30~15:20 | Think Tank: Korea Research Institute for National Strategy-Brookings Institution | Will It Be Possible to Realize Pyongyang's Complete Denuclearization If We Stay the Present Course?
15:30~16:30 | Think Tank: Center for Strategic & International Studies(CSIS) | Outlook on U.S.-South Korea Alliance
16:40~17:30 | Think Tank: Heritage Foundation | Impasse and Hope in U.S.-China Trade
17:40~18:30 | Think Tank: Heritage Foundation | China and the International Politics of 5G

- Meeting Room 3 (Topaz) : The Better Society

13:30~13:50 Renewable Energy: A Strategy for Companies to Survive and Thrive in the Era of Climate Change
14:00~15:00 [KIM & CHANG] Investor’s New Paradigm, ESG(Environmental, Social, Governance)
15:10~16:10 How to Deal with Disaster: Story of the Legend
16:20~17:20 [UN Global Compact Network Korea] A New Era for Responsible Business with SDGs – a Conversation with Leading Companies
17:30~18:40 [Lee & Ko GCI] The U.S.-China Trade Disputes: Lessons and the Ways Forward

- Meeting Room 4 (Emerald) : Business & Leadership 2020

13:30~14:40 [McKinsey & Company] Industrial IoT – Digital Transformation
15:00~16:10 South and North Korea's Economic Cooperation
16:20~17:20 Future of Women’s Leadership
17:30~18:30 | W-20 | Women’s Economic Empowerment of G20 Countries

- Meeting Room 5 (Lilac) : Business & Leadership 2020

13:30~14:20 Colorado: Port of Knowledge
14:30~15:20 Virginia's New Economy: In the Wake of Amazon HQ2 & A Historic Year for Economic Development
15:30~16:20 | A Guide to Emerging Asia| Indonesia
16:40~17:30 | A Guide to Emerging Asia| India
17:40~18:30 | A Guide to Emerging Asia| Vietnam

- Meeting Room 6 (Orchid) : Exercising Leadership in the 21st Century: A Forum of Powerful Ideas from Harvard University

13:30~13:50 Adaptive Leadership—Developing Agile Organizations that Thrive in Uncertainty
13:50~14:30 Negotiation Leadership: Creating Value in a Fractured World
14:40~15:30 Leadership and Followership in the 21st Century – Women in Transition
15:40~16:30 What Can History Teach Us About Great Leadership?
16:40~17:30 Authentic Leadership—Finding Your True North
17:30~18:10 Dialogue with Harvard Faculty—Understanding the New Leadership Imperative

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